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As the founder of DSGN CO, Jeremy Smith works specifically with companies who have a sincere appreciation for great design and the value it brings to their business.

Furthermore, DSGN CO is intended and positioned to serve as a creative and financial apparatus to help further exploration of entrepreneurial partnerships in visual and industrial design, architecture, digital technology, and lifestyle products around the globe.

Jeremy is one of the co-founders and former board members of Phoenix Design Week - a series of interactive events, exhibitions, and conference that brings internationally-recognized creatives together for an enlightening week celebrating design. Additionally, he has had the honor of instructing design courses at Arizona State University, with focused curriculum in Proportion, Value, Balance, Scale, Rhythm, Space, Color, Typography, The Bauhaus principles, and Post-Modernism theory.

High-level design and digital craftsmanship are the hallmarks of successful creative problem solving.

Web Design

Face it, good design is good business. The web design process includes gaining a thorough understanding of YOUR target audiences, gathering specific technical requirements, creating a functional, easy-to-navigate web architecture, and creating a memorable, highly-visual representation of your company, campaign, or project.


Strong typography is one of the most integral aspects of your visual message. While heavily influenced by Bauhaus principles, specialized custom typographic design, letterforms, fonts, expressive typography, movie titles, emblems, visual marks, fonts, and typography on the web is part of an ever-growing creative practice.

Custom Font Design

Alongside with custom typography, fonts are the very basis of any brand or marketing message. DSGN CO creates and converts custom typefaces and letterforms into a usable, and scalable (.ttf) font format for continued use in our client's desired needs.

Branding / Logo

The foundation of all great design is even greater branding. DSGN CO has defined and designed complete identity systems as well as working within existing branding systems to maximize meaning and message, global and local.

Graphic Design

Schooled in traditional graphic design, we have produced highly visual and representative annual reports, catalogs, posters, prints, books, and exhibit graphics. From foseball tables for Eric Clapton, to Corporate brochures and annual reports, my expertise with concept and layout stand out from the rest.

Print & Traditional Media

With the rising costs of print production and the ecological repercussions often associated with the industry, most say that print is "Dead". The bar has been raised for printed media and should always be utilized to the fullest potential with minimal impact.

Intelligent thinking in code development enhances the user experience as technology advances.

Front End Web Dev

Websites built with advanced HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are going to perform better, and will progressively enhance the website to bring a powerful presence. Working strictly in W3C valid HTML and CSS which among it's many benefits delivers a more accessible and usable experience to the end user.

Back End Web Dev (CMS / MySQL)

All sites created are crafted with the best available technologies. The majority of these sites include a CMS (Content Management System) that is tailored to your unique specifications. Open Source tools such as: Wordpress, Drupal and Magento gives YOU the power to manage and update your website content on your terms.

Responsive Adaptation

Consumers today rely on mobile devices for day-to-day communication, and this is ever-expanding. With new technologies in CSS3 and media queries, its ensured that your site automatically adjusts when the visitor uses a mobile phone or iPad - your new site adapts.

UI / UX & Human Interface

User Interface and User Experience is integral to any website or application, the look and feel must sync with the usability and expected outcome. Great User experience makes the user feel comfortable, stay longer, and eventually follow through with your website objective.

Customized Web Hosting

Clients have the option to our customized and scaled web hosting solution with lightning-fast speed and bandwidth for content heavy sites requiring more than your average grid server. Website hosting packages are considered as an add-on service, and are billed monthly or annually.

Social APIs & Integration

Social Media has taken over most applications of web usage, by using social APIs your site can be connected with services like Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, and YouTube. The more your site communicates with other services, the less work is required of you.