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An Independent Studio

We are a multi-dimensional design studio specializing in creative solutions that enhance visual experiences, and serve as an apparatus to help further the exploration of entrepreneurial partnerships in visual design, digital technology, and lifestyle products around the globe.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is the founder and creative director of DSGN.CO. He studied and earned a bachelors degree in Graphic Design at Arizona State University in 2006.

Shortly after graduating, he worked as a freelance designer until accepting a position at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. There he worked with the industry's brightest and finest in collaborating and reigniting the Fender brand across the globe. After 5 years in the music and entertainment industry, Jeremy branched out and formed DSGN.CO with the intent on enhancing visual experiences through creating unique and game-changing design and digital development strategies.

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DSGN.CO is multi-faceted in visual design, user interface, branding, and digital development. We work specifically with start-ups, corporations, and small businesses who hold a sincere appreciation for great design and the value it brings to their business or enterprise.


Jeremy is one of the co-founders of the creative movement Phoenix Design Week - a series of social events, exhibitions, and national conference that brings the creative industry's finest together for a week of interaction.


The founder, Jeremy Smith has had the honor of instructing design courses at Arizona State University for over 7 years, with focused curriculum in Proportion, Value, Balance, Scale, Rhythm, Space, Color, Typography, The Bauhaus principles, and Post-Modernism theory.